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Desire for Branding Change

Refreshing a brand is an exciting time in the development of a business, it generally means the entity has grown beyond its original concept or that market forces are encouraging or demanding change.

In highly competitive industries, well defined, streamlined and professional looking businesses are likely to rise above the pack.

Generational attitudes and changes in technology, communication methods, multicultural intermingling brought about by transient work forces and free trade and more visually astute customers spurred into action by companies that pioneer brand engagement can all be factors that lead to a need for change.


If you’ve already started a conversation about a brand refresh it means you’ve likely identified a need for change.

A deep and focussed change of style, attitude and direction – even name can take time and honest input from all stakeholders, because the best results will come when the key influencers fully support, desire and acknowledge the need and the reason for change.

Processes differ but there’s often a lot more to a brand development or refresh than meets the eye… From initial analysis to the cementing of strong foundations and on to the roll out of the tangible items that represent the brand. Each phase is reliant on the previous to provide direction and clarity leading to appropriate, flexible and long lasting brands.

It’s important to remember that this is the first part of a larger shift that will need to take place in your business, changing over and rolling out the new brand will take time and further investment. Moreover within larger organisations, senior managers, internal HR and marketing personnel should be empowered to become ambassadors and champions for the new brand direction. Their buy-in, enthusiasm and involvement are often critical in order to filter change within the business… thus ensuring the newly defined attitude (as well as the aesthetic changes) finds it way to the customers and clients.

The question is; do you have the desire to change?

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